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TOPIC: BoneTown Guide / Walkthrough
BoneTown Guide / Walkthrough 5 Years, 5 Months ago Karma: 1
************CONTAINS SPOILERS**************

****Bonetown Walkthrough****

Select New Game, and choose your race. It really doesnt matter what you pick, you will be swapping out of that skin soon enough.

* Remember your boss fight locations in each zone. You can return here and kill the same bosses as often as you like. You gain 20 drugs for the special ability the boss gave you each time you beat them.

Missionary Beach

The game begins with a stocky guy wearing a Butt Man T-shirt pissing on you while you sleep on the beach.
Hes stoned or drunk and when hes done talking you will fight him. A few good hits with the left and right mouse buttons will knock him out.
Soon enough, Candy, a hot girl will approach you and give you the general concept of Bonetown.
She will tell you that in order to succeed in Bonetown you need to have a large ball size. You do this by beating up guys and assuming their identity. [Q]

When shes done talking, hit [TAB] and ask her for a blowjob. When youre done, hit [TAB] again and ask her for sex. To keep your ball sack fully charged (which means you will do more damage when you attack) you need to give a girl an orgasm. When youre done you will be told to see Uzi, who is located on the pier.

Just follow your map to the green dot.

Uzi is basically there to tell you that by drinking alcohol you can increase your ball size for a limited period.
He also shows you how to steal someones identity. Take the identity of the dude laying on the ground to progress. At the end of the pier is a save point, just hit [ENTER] whilst standing over the spinning floppy disk.

On your map you now have a blue star icon. Head down the pier and then left towards the blue star. This is the first mission.

Mission One
Save a Crackwhore

Firstly, once youre done chatting with Tricksy, you will see a pink dot and a red dot on your map. The pink dot is the person youre helping, the red dot is the enemy. Run over to the red dot and use the left and right mouse buttons to beat up the drug addict. Hell drop some crack and a rolling pin. Use [Q] to equip the rolling pin.
Go back to Tricksy.
Next you will find that Tricksy has a pimp who wants to beat you up. Fight the pimp. Use the left mouse button for quick strikes and the right mouse button for power strikes. A good combo is left, left, right. Wait for the pimp to get up then smash him with another power strike. Repeat until hes down. Tricksy will reward you for your hard work. Mission complete.

Now head to the blue fist icon on your map. This is a boss that will drop a special ability for you to use. Make sure you get a blow job and have sex with a fat chick before you fight any bosses. You will need full health and the extra power from a full ball sack to win most of them. Save your game after each mission as well. This helps prevent frustration later on if you die.

Boss Fight One

Dances with Pink Elephants

This guy drinks beer then throws the bottle at you. Use the nets on the tennis court to your advantage. When he takes a drink, jump over the net and hit him twice with quick hits then follow up with a power hit. Only initiate combat when he
takes a swig from his bottle. He will drop 20 beer bottles and your first special ability. This ability lets you hit others with the bottles and is very useful in many fights. Learn to use your special abilities as you wont get far in this game without them.
Hold down [Shift] and roll your mouse wheel up or down to select an ability. While holding [Shift] attack as per normal with the left mouse button.

All zones have three major objectives. 1. The Mission. 2. The Boss. 3. The Weed Pipe.

Weed Pipe One
Bruce, the Dancing Queer

Head on over to the weed pipe logo, its located to the north of the map and is marked by a white smoke-like logo.
Its beyond the ferris wheel at the base of the mountain. Beat up Bruce and you will be rewarded with the $10 pipe. These pipes allow you to jump higher when you take weed. Bruce will drop a pink dildo, with a damage rating of 4, so make sure you equip this as its probably the best weapon you have encountered so far.

Head to the opposite end of the map where the blue star/yellow triangle is to go to the next zone.

Firm Wood Forest

Head to the white disk in this zone and save your game first. For some reason, you come back to do the mission for Firm Wood Forest, but you can still do the weed/boss fight here. I recommend doing them now to help you for later. Head to the blue fist icon to begin.

Boss Fight Two

Aquaman, Latin Superhero

This guy is pretty easy to beat so long as you avoid his noctious breath attack. Two fast hits followed by a power hit will knock him down.
Follow in with a few power hits as he gets to his feet. Steal his scepter when he drops it and use that for a more powerful attack. The scepter has an attack rating of 5. He will run into the water and attack you from the opposite end of where he runs into the water so be aware of this. When you have beaten him you will get the Kaya Cloud, a move that stuns opponents for a brief period. Make sure you steal Aquamans identity. He has an attack bonus of 2 and a ball size of 4.

Head back over the bridge and save the game. Next head to the weed pipe icon

Weed Pipe Two
White Jesus, Gods only son

Beat White Jesus up. Hes pretty easy and has no special abilities so just use the combo attack for this. Hell drop a pipe called The Sherlock, make sure you pick this up (walk over it).

Save game and proceed to the next mission star.

Home Land Trailer Park

Youre probably running low on health and ball power. Find a fat chick at the top of the hill and have sex/blowjob with her to regain your power.
You will need it. Save your game again when youre ready.

Mission Two
Jungle Cock Fever

Talk to Uzi. Hell tell you to knock out all the Pigmies. Head to the pink dot on the map and take out the pigmies there. As you wipe out a group, a new group will emerge elsewhere. Make sure you replenish your ball/health by having sex/blowjob with the women at each Pigmie camp. Always keep your back against a wall when fighting multiple enemies. Use your special attacks to group them together then attack them with a melee weapon.
After the 4th attack you will be told to go to Uzis trailer, where you will find yet another much larger group of Pigmies. Use your stun attack to group them, then pummel them with your power attack. If you really suck at attacking them, head back to the first zone and repeatedly beat Dances with Pink Elephants.
Hell drop 20 beers each time. Beat him once, enter the club house, leave the club house and beat him again. When you have 60 beers or so, head back and use the bottle attack to smash the Pigmies. Enter Uzis house and take your reward when youre done.

Go back and save your game. The save point is at the start of the zone, where the pier is located.

Head to the blue fist for the boss fight.

Boss Fight Three
Abe Schnook The Rabbi

This dude uses a fire breathing attack so keep your distance from him. You will need to use your special attacks in combination with your power melee attack to beat him. Make good use of the bottle smash on the Rabbi, you will need his special move later on so persevere with this one. Once hes beaten, you gain the fire breathing special attack and 20 whiskeys.

There is no weed pipe in this zone, so replen health/balls, save your game and head back to Firm Wood.

Follow your map to the blue/yellow star. This will lead you back to Missionary Beach.

Missionary Beach
Go to the save point and save your game. If you fail here, at least you will be much closer for a retry. Head to the blue star when youre ready.

Mission Three
The Vagetarian Show
Your task is to get a carrot from the Mormons. A couple of Mormons will immediately run up and attack you. Beat them off with your weapon then head to the red/yellow dots on the map and take care of the rest. Once again, draw the group towards you by using your special attacks, then power hit them as a group. Keep your back to the wall and always make sure your enemies are in front of you. Take the carrot back to Marlin and Brandy. A short cut scene will occur followed by some Man agents that will attack you. You have to protect Marlin (the guy) while defeating the agents. Use the bottle attack to take them down, or stun them with the breath attack then pummel them with your weapon. Once theyre down, you will get your reward.

Follow the blue/yellow star to the next zone to continue.

Gabacho Heights

Once again, save your game in Gabacho Heights and make your way to the blue star for the Mission.

Mission Four
Full Metal Jerk It

After the cut scene go to the Apartments and beat up the two guys standing at the entrance. You will need a lot of bottle attacks for this zone, so stock up on beer before entering the Apartments. (You may get a load error upon trying to get into the Apartments. ALT-TAB to the background and close the error box, then ALT-TAB back to the game to continue) As soon as the cut scene is over you need to immediately start hitting the bad asian dudes with your bottle attack. Make sure you have at least 60 bottles (beers) on you before entering, as this will make your task much easier. Dont move around much after the cutscene, just start spamming out the bottle attack at the asian guys nearest you. Hopefully you will get through this part without any problems. Leave the Apartments via the front door and a new cut scene will begin. Make sure you have your fire breathing special attack ready, with at least 60 Whiskeys on hand for the next part. As soon as the cut scene is over, back yourself into the doorway directly opposite the asian chick and repeatedly spam the fire breathing attack. Your job here is to prevent the fat American men from batting off on the Asian chick (bukkake style). It only takes 3 seconds for them to cum, so you have to set them on fire and keep the aggression on you and not the chick. Once you have defended her for 2 minutes you will be rewarded.

Head to the blue fist to continue the next boss battle. Save your game along the way.

Boss Fight Four

Joseph Smith, Founder of Mormonism

This guy packs a punch when he attacks. He also summons two Mormons to attack you. Rush him early and attack him repeatedly with the bottle attack. See if you can corner him into the side of the building. Ignore his cronies and just spam the bottle attack over and over at him. If youre fast enough, the cronies wont attack you and you will beat Joseph. His fart attack is extremely useful later in the game as it does a lot of damage and has a good range on it.

Once you have beaten him, head to the side of the Waste Mart where the garden stuff is kept behind the fence. Jump the fence and you might find a shovel on one of the benches. You will need a weed to make the jump, and you will know its the right place if there is a Ganesh idle inside. Take the shovel, it has a long range and adds 8 to your attack.
For now the weed pipe boss is not reachable, so head to the next zone marked by the blue/yellow star. Its located at the bottom of the steps, on a small pier with a boat.

Replen balls/health and save game.

Havajo Indian Reserve

Save game then head to the blue mission star. You will need a lot of whiskey for the next part. Go back and defeat Abe Schnook four times to stock up on whiskey. Just zoneout to reload him each time after you beat him.

Mission Five
Running of the Juices

Retrieve the skull. Go down and beat the crap out of the guy where the yellow/red dot is located on your map. Get the skull and bring it back to Chief Red Skull. Use the fart attack and your power attack to beat the Indians along the way. You dont have to beat all the Indians to pass this, you merely have to get back to the Chief with the skull. The Indians do drop a lot of whiskeys though, so if you want to stock up just let them run up to you and beat them with melee attacks. Unlike a lot of other missions, you can have sex/get a blowjob during these fights to replen your balls/health. After the cut scene, you will need patience. Do not race the others to the top, you will get your arse handed to you. Stay at a respectful distance behind them and let them beat you to the top. When you get to the top, theyll all be gathered around the totem pole. Burn them with your fire. They will fall down the mountain. Now turn so that your facing the same way that Pocacuntas is facing. Burn the aggressors as they try to attack you from the mountain path. Your task is to
reach one minute (in the black) and prevent the aggressors from reaching one minute (in the red). Just keep hitting them with flame breath and you shouldnt have any problems.

You take no damage from falling, so jump down the hill and save your game. Head around to the weed pipe icon.

Weed Pipe Fight
Jebediah Ketchum the Missionary

Beat this stiff to a pulp to get Chillum, the next weed pipe. You can now head back to Gabacho Heights and jump up the mountain to fight the next weed boss.

Gabacho Heights

Make your way to the weed pipe icon on your map.

Weed Pipe Fight

You will notice that the weed pipe boss is at the top of the mountain. You will need to position yourself on the fence, directly beneath the sloping angle that drops off from the ledge above you. Take some weed, and with a running jump you should be able to make it to the ledge. It may take several attempts so stock up on hash before
trying this.

Beat the crap out of Dinger to get the B1 Bonger. His weapon has a damage rating of 7, so pick it up if you dont have the shovel anymore.

Save game and head back down to the blue star to continue.

Mission Six
A Royal Penis Whooping

Go get the object. The object is the yellow dot on your map, surrounded by the red dots.
You will be invisible for this part, however this does not mean you can walk right up to the Man agents. In fact what it means is that you will not be able to
use your weed or other drugs to assist in this mission. You can still use your special moves, you just cant do jumps or increase your speed whilst invisible.
Take on the Man Agents one at a time and getting past them is actually quite easy. Use your fart attack with a power melee attack for best effect. When you have beaten them, take the penis back to Poonjam.
After the cutscene go back to Havajo Indian Reserve.

Havajo Indian Reserve
You must now beat all the black Indians (from India) while protecting the Indian Chief. There is a big red Indian that will try to take on the Chief and has more hit points than the others. Focus on beating him up first. If you fail, you dont have to redo the part in Gabacho Heights again, there will be a blue star in this zone. Stand over it and have another crack at the mission. My only tip is to follow the Chief around and spam special attacks at anyone that attacks him. When you have beaten down all the black Indians, you will be rewarded.

Go back through Gabacho Heights

Run to the bus stop and enter Nobbing Hill.

Nobbing Hill

Save game and head back to the blue star to continue.

Mission Seven
Mexican Style De-Virginizing

You must partake in an orgy. There are 4 rounds. After each round, a woman leaves but the same amount of guys remain. Your job here is to beat each all the other men up so youre the only one remaining. Use your quick melee attacks and aim for the group as a whole, rather than singling out just one opponent. Once all four rounds are complete, you will have a cutscene. Use
the break between each round to recover your health before moving on.

Dont let more than 2 Mexicans get deported. Now you have race around and beat up all the Man agents before they beat up the Mexicans. If a Mexican is beaten hes considered deported.
Hit them with your power attacks while they focus on the Mexican. Use crack to get between the different Mexicans getting attacked. As the mission states, you cant let any more than 2 get beaten up. Once you have completed this, enjoy your reward.

Save and head to the blue fist icon.

Boss Fight Five
James T. Jerk

The blue fist icon is out on a stretch of beach. You will now do battle with a Star Trekesque guy wielding a light sabre. He has a powerful stun attack move that uses lightning.
Have around 15 mushrooms on you and hit him with the fart attack. If you land them, you will take him out without any problems. He summons Star Trek nerds to help him, so you will want to beat him as fast as you can. Make them run off by hitting with the fire attack then smash James with the fart attack for big damage. Alternatively, you could just pound him with melee attacks. Once hes down you will get the lighning attack, which is very useful in an upcoming mission.

Head to the weed pipe logo after you have replenished your balls/health and saved the game.

Weed Fight
Moses the Original Gangster

Use quick attacks on Moses and pin him against the rock behind him. He goes down pretty easy. Take his tablet for a cool weapon and make sure you pick up The Ship bong.

Save your game and head to the next blue mission star in Nobbing Hill

Mission Eight
Bitches get it in the end

Photograph all the pre rushes. Head to the 5 pink dots on your map and beat up the guys having sex with the pre-grad chicks. When youre done, head back and you will get a cut scene.
Now you have to do pretty much the same thing. Head to all 5 pink dots and beat up even more of the guys guarding the pre grads. The only difference is that you have to get a blowjob or have sex with each of the pre-grads after you have beaten the guys surrounding them.
Now you have to get the Tequila bottle from the Mexicans. Head to the yellow dots on your map to get it. Use your lightning attack and fart attack to take them out. You only need one bottle to bring back to the sorority chick (Britney), so once you have beaten one, use crack and sprint it back to her. One bottle isnt enough for this babe, so you have to now head back and get another.
Be prepared for more Mexicans this time. Stun them with your foul breath attack and beat them off with your weapon. Dont use all your lightning attack though, you will need it for the next part of this mission. Next you have to get yourself a bottle of tequila and take it to the party. Return to the Mexicans and group attack them. Your bottle attack is pretty useful here if youre not very good at using melee weapons. Head to the house on your map and enter. After the cut scene, you will want to get as many of the males in the house around you as possible. Keep spamming
your lightning attack to take out as many of the horny guys as you can. I recommend doing this with at least 40 peyotes on you. If you fail, dont fret you will just have to do this part again in the house, not the whole mission. If one of the guys gets close to Britney, you have 4 seconds to beat them off. When youre ready, leave the house.

Head to the blue/yellow star on your map.


Head to the blue fist icon to take on the boss fight and get his powerful attack.

Boss Fight Six

Rush in quick and pin Buttman to the wall with the fart attack. It will take around 10-15 attacks to get him. His attack is pretty powerful, so be careful not to let him get too close to you. Once you have beaten him, you will get the awesome Toad Fart Bomb, which does group damage while knocking you away from danger. Take Buttmans form while youre here if its an upgrade - be quick though, his body will disappear fast.

Restore health/balls and save game.

Now head to the blue star for the next mission.

Mission Nine
Captain Cool

You have to save Tina. Head to the pink dot and group attack everywhere there with your lighning attack and fart bomb attack. Dont let them gang up on you as you will quickly regret it. Once theyre all dead, you will be given the task to find Amy. Head to the next pink dot. After the cut scene you will be attacked. Either use your fart bomb to get away from the enemies, or hit them all with the lightning attack and wipe them out. Now you have to take Tina and Amy to the Man Office. Do not go the direct route to the Man office, you will be attacked by Man Agents that spawn out of nowhere and will continuously harass you. Instead, head in the opposite direction, toward the major road. When you hit the major road, follow it all the way around - in other words, run in the complete opposite direction of the Man Office. The road will eventually turn towards the Man Office. Stay on the footpath (where the grey wall is) and follow that up until youre almost parallell with the Man Office on your map. Up ahead you should see a black tunnel. On your map there is a small road on the left hand side of the road as you face the tunnel ahead. Turn and face that and you should be looking at a brown brick building. If you take any of the major roads that lead to the Man Office, you will get attacked. Follow this small road and you will discover a tunnel with a car park on the right side.
Enter this and follow it through to the end. You will be pretty close to the Man Office now, make a dash across to it. The girls will follow you. When you get to the Man Office, you have to beat a very tough
Man Agent. Special attacks have no effect on him, so youre going to have to melee damage him with a weapon. Hit him with two quick attacks then a power attack. As he gets up, hit him with a new power attack. Each time he tries to recover, hit him with a power attack. Use mushrooms to stay invicible for a short period of time as this will help you out immensely. Once hes beaten, enjoy your well deserved reward.

Save your game.

Head to the next blue star to continue.

Mission Ten
Praise be to black Jesus

After the cut scene, go to the Reverend. Get the chicken leg and return it to Reverend Blackard. To do this easily, have around 50 peyotes on you and just run into the group and electrocute them all until theyre dead. Otherwise, your in for a tough fight. Try to drive the group back up towards the Reverend - away from the cars. If the Man Agents take it to their car, its mission over. If the black hoodlums take it to their car, its also game over. Once you have it, return it to the Reverend. Enjoy your reward.

Save your game.

Head to the RJ on your map.

Ron Towers

After speaking to Ron, your new mission is to go and make a porno. Head back to Bonetown and make your way to the pink dots on your map. Beat off the Man Agents and perform a sexual act with 3 women to progress through the mission. When youre done, you have to steal a surveillance tape from inside the Man HQ. Work your way slowly down the passage way and take out the Man agents one at a time. There are around 20 of them in total. When you get to the end you will see the tape on the table. Take the Surveillance tape back to Ron. Beware of the remaining Agent that respawns in the building on the way out. When you leave the building, head to Rons Tower and enter. After the cut scene with Ron, you will have sex with four women. You have to make them orgasm faster than Ron does. When this is over, you fight Ron Jeremy. Hit him with lots of fart attacks (not the bomb) and power melee attacks and he shouldnt give you much grief. Your reward is Ron Jeremys body, so press Q and take his form. Ron has the biggest balls in the game.

Robot Women

You can find the fat robot woman and the sexy one in Downtown, so while were here head over to the weed pipe icon and take some weed. There are several levels that look similar to a parking lot at the building with the weed pipe icon. When you jump up, you will see the fat robot chick on the second one from the top. Go have sex with her to get her leg as a reward. Its good, but the sexy robot girls leg is better. To find her, head due north from the weed pipe icon all the way up the road where it leads to a small carpark at the foot of the mountains. The sexyier robot girl will be waiting there. Have sex with her to get her leg, the best weapon in the game.

At present I dont know how to get the weed pipe in Downtown. If someone knows the answer, please let me know and Ill update it here.

Return to Nobbing Hill

Find the biggest house in the southern part of the zone, behind it is a yellow marker on your map. Its the house you had to had sex with all the sorority girls to impress Britney in Mission Eight. Head towards the yellow marker and you will fall down a cliff and be at a small jetty. Take the boat here to Mushroom Marsh. Once youre there, you will see a blue fist icon on your map. Make your way towards it. You will need to use weed to jump over the various walls that are placed in your way and you will have to negotiate a very basic stone labyrynth as well as make some big jumps across water, so be sure to make use of the save point in this zone when you get to it. Eventually you will make it to the blue fist icon.

Boss Fight Seven

Head up the stairs to fight Satan. He charges you and can kill you in one hit if he lands a good charge on you. If you die, you will restart just below the steps, so dont fret if you suck at fighting. Make use of the lightning attack to stun followed by the fart attack when Satan is recovering. Throw in some strong melee hits from time to time and you will take him down without too many dramas. Satan has pretty good attack, but Ron Jeremys balls are bigger. You will be rewarded with the Charge attack when you have defeated Satan.

Return to Downtown.

Weed Fight

Guru (couldnt quite get the last name?)

Head to the weed pipe icon in Downtown. This is pretty hard to reach so read carefully. At the peak of the building with the weed icon on it is the Guru you need to fight for the Golden Bong. To get there, you must jump off two other buildings buildings. You can only make the jump with the bong from Nobbing Hill and Satans charge special move. Go the tall sword like building with the blue umbrellas out the front it. It is directly behind the building with the bong icon on it. Look at the building from the direction you came (the bong building). To the left of this building is another shorter building. Your objective is to get on top of that building. Look back at the sword like building on the left side and you will see it has a ledge you can easily jump to with weed. Jump up there. Now go to the center window, take some more weed and jump up and press forward towards the window. You will land on the ledge of the window. You need to back away from the ledge, take another weed and jump again to land on the ledge directly above it. You will know its the right one because it has a token on it. Once youre there, take another weed and jump forward. Quickly scroll down while your at the peak of your jump and select the Satan charge to make it to the building across from you. If you land on the roof, you did well. It may take several attempts, dont stress about it just take your time and be patient. When you get on the roof, head towards the weed icon building. You have to repeat what you did before - take weed, jump, satan charge. Hopefully you will land on the weed icon building. You will find the Guru on top of the box before you. Kick his arse and take the Golden Bong.

Head to the blue star. This is the final mission.

Mission Eleven
The Man Island

**Warning** Have lots of drugs on you before doing this. Id recommend at least 100-150 of each type!

Before you hit enter on the blue star, use some weed the immediately walk on the blue star. When the mission begins, hit jump and forward. Jump again and clear the fence before you. This will prevent you
from getting hammered by the Man Agents guarding the gateway to Man Island. Run up the road and be ready to beat the Man Agents as they come for you down the direction your heading. You can do one
of two things here. Beat the Man Agents up on your way to the pier or simply take weed and jump over them, then use crack and run past them. Once you reach the pier at the blue star, you will be taken
to Man Island.

Man Island

A Man Agent will attack you when you get there, beat him up and proceed up the road. More Agents will attack, keep beating them up until you reach the building at the end of the road. Enter the door, and be careful of the Man Agents that will attack you inside. Clear out the whole place of Man Agents. Take the steps all the way to the bottom once you have beaten up all the Man Agents. There will be 3 pipes at a dead end. The final weed pipe can be found here. Make sure you get it, as you cant finish the game without it! Head back up the stairs and enter the small room to the left. Jump down into the water and stand on the round concrete
Pillar in the water. Take some weed and press jump. This will put you in a new room up above. Beat up the Man Agent here and take the weed behind the pillar in the room in front of you. Now stand on the new
concrete disk and take some more weed and jump. You can drown here, so be careful to keep jumping towards the building on your left. Enter the door and beat up the Man Agent inside. As you enter the room, stand near the second tube from the right and take some more weed and jump. You should be trying to land on top of the tube. Jump again, but be careful of the two Man Agents at the top. Take them out and proceed outside. There are more Man Agents outside, take out as many as you can to get to the other side of the river. Run to the end of the buildings on this side of the river and use the tubes at the end to get to the other side of the river. Take out more Man Agents along the way. When you get to the other side. Take the steps up to the top of the hill. There should be a big building before you, take the left side and follow the walkway across to the other side. Pay the hooker for a blowjob and replen your health, then pay her again for sex to replen your balls.
Go back the way you came and make your way around the left. You will see above you is another walkway. On the left side of the building is a small alcove/awning that juts out with yellow lights on it. Take some weed and jump up there. Now, turn and face on an angle the walkway above you. Take more weed and jump towards the walkway. Hopefully you will land on it. Proceed down the walkway. Take out the two Man Agents on this walkway and make your way to side of the building before you. Now take some weed and repeat what you did before. You will be aiming for the alcove/awning with yellow lights on it. Beat the four Man Agents on this walkway and you will see a blue triangle (yellow on your map) in front of you. Walk over it to enter the Man Needle.

The Man Needle

When you step out, you will be outside an elevator. Behind the elevator is a Man Agent. Take him out and any other that gets in your way on this floor. There will be around 10 of them. About halfway around this corridor you will see a circulation vent cover that is skewed (not where it should be). Stand where it should be (near the wall) and look up. You will notice a hole here. Use your weed and jump up here. If you didnt get the pipe on Man Island, you will not make the jump. When you come out at the top you will notice there are about 7 agents waiting for you. Beat them up and head left where they were guarding. Run and jump to the other side of the hole that is before you. I dont know what happens if you miss this jump, but I am guessing its not nice - Id advise you to not use weed on this jump, you will probably just hit your head on the roof and fall down the hole. Continue when you make it to the other side. Fall down the hole at the end of the passageway.

Dildo Man

The easiest way to beat this tough baddie is to use the Lightning attack. Repeat it over and over again and he wont attack you. Make sure you have lots, cause this attack is very useful for the next fight as well.

The Mistress

The Mistress makes you beat a room full of all her slaves. Use the Lightning attack repeatedly and you should beat this without any problems.

Congrats, you have just finished BoneTown. Enjoy the spectacular ending.
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Re:BoneTown Guide / Walkthrough 5 Years, 5 Months ago Karma: 3
Thanks to Ron from ddub for this walkthrough
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Re:BoneTown Guide / Walkthrough 5 Years, 5 Months ago Karma: 0
Great job!!
What I did different: In every area I did first the boss fight before mission/s. Man agent and Dildo man I eliminated using crack power move. I didn't use beer attack at all. In Black Jesus mission first time I played I just took the chicken leg when someone dropped it and ran and second time I had to knock out the guy who carried it when others were beating each other.
But there are many ways to complete this game.
Thanx man!
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In Mission Three you are required to bring the carrot back to Marley. To accomplish that you have to drop your weapon and pick up the carrot. Once you return it to Marley you have no weapon.

I have thought of a work around that involves taking my weapon (the shovel, I found it while wondering around before I got "serious" with the game) and leaving it near Marley and picking up a weapon that the first Mormans used. Then go back for the carrot.

This would give me a weapon to use once I have to protect Marley.

Am I missing a capability?

Or am I just stupid?
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This would work. One method I used was to beat the Mormons with the shovel and get the carrot. Bring it back via the road, but do not engage Marley. Pick up the weapon the first the Mormons drop - the ones that attack you after the cutscene. Go back and get your shovel by swapping it for the Mormons weapon. When you return you can swap the shovel for the carrot. This way you get to use your shovel to attack the Mormons as well. Alternatively, behind Marley is a stairway. You can draw the Mormons around the back there and fight them closer to Marley. Once they're dead, you wont have far to take the carrot and you can easily jump down the stairway to get your shovel back later. If you want a slightly better weapon, head to Downtown and enter the Musky Thong stripjoint. Beat up the guy on the couch and you'll get a nice sword.
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I did something similar. I kept changing the carrot for my weapon as I walked back to Marley. The item will drop a few feet in front of you each time, so I just kept switching all the way back.
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